39 Dead in Massive Fire at Mexico Migrant Center Near US Border

39 Dead in Massive Fire

As per the recent official updates by the Mexican Migrant Center, 39 people died after a massive fire broke out at an immigration detention center in a Mexican city on the US border. According to the reports, almost 29 people were also injured in the fire in northern Mexico. An official spokesperson talked about the condition of the injured or dead because they were not authorized to speak publicly about this mishappening. At least more than three dozen migrants have killed in a fire at an immigration center which is situated in northern Mexico near the US border.

39 Dead in Massive Fire

After the incident took place, there was a moment of fear among the people as the families were seen running from the area and leaving everyone crying regarding the situation. Some of the images and video is also circulating on social media that clarify the situation of the center. Images from the center showed rows of bodies lying under shimmery silver sheets outside the center in Ciudad Juarez, across from El Paso, Texas. Several ambulances, vans and firefighters from the morgue were also seen at the center to handle the serious situation. Let’s find out what was the reason behind the unexpected fire at the center.

39 Dead in Massive Fire

A journalist from AFP saw forensic personnel removes several dead bodies from the INM’s parking lot, where several bodies were laid and covered with blankets. An INM statement reads,” The National Migration Institute (INM) of the Interior Ministry regrets the deaths — so far – of 39 foreign migrants, caused by fire”. Several migrants have been detained in the center in recent days after local authorities rounded up street vendors, among them, there were some foreigners, from the area.

A Venezuelan woman who was later identified as Vinagly stood outside the center, desperate for information about her husband who had been detained. She told,” he was taken away in an ambulance. They don’t tell you anything. A family member can die and they don’t tell you he’s dead”. Several videos and images from the incident have gone viral on social media and everyone is concerned about the situation as 39 people have been declared dead.

Under pressure from the American government, Mexico has increased its efforts to stop the flow of migrants heading for the U.S. border; however, the National Immigration Institute has struggled with facility overcrowding. Some official statement has not been made yet but our sources are trying to collect more details. Stay tuned with us to know more details.

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