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Urvashi Rautela’s video went viral, sparking a lot of discussions. Boney Kapoor and the starlet were spotted together. Boney Kapoor committed an act during this that was captured on camera and made headlines. The actress then expressed her disgust and rage about the incident, though.

Urvashi Rautela, a Bollywood actress, is arguably the most beautiful person alive. People are killed in every single act. But these women are not without controversy. Boney Kapoor, the father of Jahnavi Kapoor and a well-known filmmaker, was previously linked to the actress by name, and that was after just one particularly popular video. The actress was pretty astonished when this footage first surfaced.

“Wrong perspective photos,”

Urvashi Rautela said, “I already knew her. Although I was unable to collaborate with her, this does not imply that I do not value our friendship. This was an incredible act of kindness. I had arrived at the gathering. Boney Kapoor had already arrived. There were also individuals who were about to get married. We were clicking pictures. “I don’t know about the photography angle or how the photo was taken,” Urvashi admitted. It became a big thing because it was strange. For the course of seven days, my phone didn’t stop ringing. I discussed this with Boney Ji. I’m aware that she found it unusual as well.

Video of Boney Kapoor touching Actress Urvashi Rautela

In the year 2019, Boney Kapoor and Urvashi Rautela attended the son of Jayantilal Gadha’s reception. Both of them were seen to be very close to one another when they first met, and when they were posing for the picture, Boney Kapoor’s hand went to Urvashi Rautela’s, which was the subject of the unfavorable video. Boney Kapoor’s performance was likely not well received by the public, which is why she received a lot of teasing as well.

The Actress Urvashi Rautela made it clear.

The actress also provided clarification when this video got viral. Urvashi claimed that “the whole situation was made into an uproar” in an interview with the Bollywood Hungama website. Although it wasn’t anything like this video, it became viral overnight. I was about to collaborate on a movie with Ajith, a superstar. That was a Tamil movie, but due to the dates, I was unable to participate.

Tweeted in opposition to the newspaper

A newspaper at the time published Don’t Touch based on Urvashi Rautela’s video. Urvashi then tweeted, “A renowned newspaper has published this story,” in response. You guys no longer discuss the independence and empowerment of women. You guys don’t even understand what respect for women is.

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