How Did Ignacio Lopez Tarso Die? Mexican Film Actor Ignacio Lopez Tarso Dies at 98

How Did Ignacio Lopez Tarso Die?

The Mexican film industry is mourning the passing of the legendary and well-known actor, Ignacio Lopez Tarso who is no more between us. Yes, the popular Mexican stage actor and television Ignacio Lopez Tarso sadly passed away at the age of 98. Unfortunately, the Mexican actor took his last breath at the age of 98. It was upsetting to hear this news from officials who confirmed the passing of the actor. He was the veteran of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema and the star of the first Mexican production to be Oscar-nominated for best foreign language film.

How Did Ignacio Lopez Tarso Die?

According to the official media reports, Ignacio Lopez Tarso took his last breath on Saturday, March 11, 2023 in Mexico City. The news of his passing was confirmed by Mexico’s government on Saturday evening. Since the passing news of the actor was confirmed, many popular personalities including politicians and actors paid tribute to him and offered their deep condolences to the family members who are going through a difficult time as they lost their beloved family member. Thana Alex, Mexican vocalist and composer took her Facebook account and wrote,” It has been an honor to spend so many years witnessing the greatness and love of Antonio Sanchez’s grandfather, Ignacio Lopez Tarso. His profound presence was and always will remain in our hearts, and his long, successful life as an artist will continue to be an inspiration for all of us”.

How Did Ignacio Lopez Tarso Die?

Born as Ignacio Lopez Tarso on January 15, 1925, in Mexico City. His parents were Alfonso Lopez Bermudez and Ignacia Lopez Herrera. Due to his father’s work, he had to spend his childhood in several cities including Veracruz, Hermosilo, Navojoa, and Guadalajara. Alfonso and Marta were his siblings of him. He got interested in acting when his parents took him to see a play.

He lived in Valle de Bravo, Estado de Mexico, where he went to secondary school. Later, he joined the seminaries in Temascalcingo, Estado de Mexico because of his family’s economic problems. At the age of 20, he also joined the military service at Queretaro, where he was in barracks for almost a year. He received a title role in Macario which is a 1960’s supernatural drama directed by Roberto Gavaldon set around the Day of the Dead celebration that was nominated for the foreign language Oscar at the 33rd Academy Awards. He also worked in television shows during his career where he gained more love and respect from his fans. Ignacio Lopez Tarso will be always remembered by his loved ones.

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