Jorge Lafond Deatah Reason? Tribute to Brazilian Entertainer Jorge Lafond Dies

Jorge Lafond Death Reason?

Google Doodle paid tribute recently to the multitalented Brazilian impersonator and commemorate his life. The person we are talking about was an actor, comedian, dancer, and transvestite  from brazil. Jorge Lafond was a versatile person who died in Jan 2003. Google celebrated his 71st birthday with doodle because of the contributions he gave to the community. When the people watched that Google doodle they were deviant to know about him.

Jorge Lafond Death Reason?

Jorge Lafond was born in Rio de Janeiro on 29 March 1952 and died in January 2003 at the age of 50 in Sao Paul.  His full name was Jorge Luiz Souza Lima. He was an actor, comedian, dancer, and drag queen. He had an issue in his teenage years but what kind, he also didn’t know at that time but after some years when he came to adult age he that he had no attraction towards the opposite gender and got attracted to the boys so he realized that he was gay and tried to hide. He tried numerous times to not reveal this identity of being gay but the truth cannot be hidden forever. Jorge Lafond had a devotion to dancing so he followed his passion and became a ballet dancer. he graduated in performing arts from the Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro. He pursued his dream to become a dancer so he started to perform in nightclubs and cabarets after then he went to the United States and assorted to other countries.

Jorge Lafond Death Reason?

In spite of the fact that he was recruited as an employee who had the task of performing as a dancer for the Globo TV program Fantastico. Then he did countless T.V. programs including  Viva O Grado, Sassaaricando, and Kanaga do Japao. this is the culmination of the carrier many films offered to him including the Rio  Babilionia, Sonhei com, and Bar Esperanca. Although he started earning his reputation and become a renowned personality as a dancer, actor, and comedian the tragical moment come for him when he did the transvetite artistry openly in 1992 at the SBT Program A Praca e Nossa as Vera V era. then he faced discrimination and was not invited to the shows because of being gay and not hiding his identity.

However, maybe knew that he will be discriminated against because of his identity but he was a new representation of the culture that helped to break down the conservative and homophobic views. after so many years after his death, we could not find out how he died, but he was an inspiration for all people who face this discrimination. All we can hope is that none of the people have to hide their real identities.

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