Major Ukrainian Arms Maker Hit By Russia More Than 150 Times

Major Ukrainian Arms Maker Hit By Russia More Than 150 Times

The general director of Ukroboronprom State Enterprise, Yuri Gusev, speaking in an interview with Interfax on April 5, claimed that there have been more than 150 attacks on its facilities since the start of the full-scale invasion by Russia.

Ukroboronprom is a major Ukrainian arms and military hardware manufacturer, consisting of state unitary enterprises employing 67,000 highly skilled workers. It is the national leader in the production of ammunition and other modern, high-quality military equipment in support of Ukraine’s defense and security needs.

“Despite the fact that our factories have been attacked on more than 150 occasions, not a single production has been destroyed and we are not only performing but increasing production volumes,” he stressed. The general director said that more than 12,000 Ukrainians had responded to job vacancies in Ukroboronprom companies.

As part of the relocation of operations, construction of additional production facilities and cooperation with private companies, “Ukroboronprom” hired 6,000 new employees.

The state concern has started working with about 100 companies that were not previously involved in production for the armed forces. The company also works with the heads of regional military administrations to enable industrial enterprises in the regions to produce defense related equipment using their equipment.

According to Gusev, “Ukroboronprom” implements a program for the production and repair of equipment at safe locations, repairing not only old Soviet but also trophy equipment and equipment received from partners.

“With our partners, of course, we are united in the opinion that repair and maintenance, in the future, will develop into intensive cooperation in the collection and joint production of new types of weapons. This applies to armored vehicles, rocket launchers and air defense equipment,” stressed the general director.


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