Namcor Board Member Arrested After Drug Found in Her Car Charges Explained

Namcor board member arrested

Another scandal forced them to make an arrest on Monday after there was the involvement of a well-known Namcor Board Member over drug charges. Yes, the National Petroleum Corporation of Namibia has been shocked by another scandal after the well-respect board member getting arrested on Monday, March 27, 2023, for carrying drugs in her official vehicle. The news has become a headline on every channel where every official is talking about the scandal and wants to know the entire details of the scandal and how many people are involved in this matter. Many questions have been raised in the community as they are clearing out all the queries about this scandal.

Namcor board member arrested

This latest arrest shocked the entire organization and was in a string of controversies at the public fuel company. As per the reports, the board member is known to New Era but cannot be named until she appears in court later today. Utaara Hoveka, the parastatal’s spokesperson confirmed that an arrest has been made in this matter. Since the official announcement was made in this matter, many people are coming ahead to know about the matter and giving their review over the matter. Keep reading to know more details here.

Namcor Board Member Arrested

Utaara Hoveka said,” I can only confirm the incident but further information can be obtained through the police”. According to police spokesman Kauna Shikwambi, the arrest happened as a result of an intelligence-driven sting operation, and significant amounts of cocaine were found in her car. The search revealed that almost 935 grams of cannabis, 60 units of crack cocaine, and 10 grams of cocaine powder were recovered from the vehicle.

Shikwambi said,” The information was obtained through intelligence. Police were alerted and the car was searched”. She was on the way to a board meeting where the only agenda item was allegedly the suspension of Imms Mulunga who is a Namcor managing director.

Mulunga and board chair Jennifer Comalie have been embroiled in a dispute over an inquiry into Mulunga’s alleged involvement in a payment of more than N$100 million for two Angolan oil blocks that is underway at the time of his detention. The board did not endorse Namcor’s choice to invest more funds on behalf of third parties, and it has drawn criticism. This arrest has sparked an outrage among several public figures and the officials believed to be the involvement of some other personalities. Stay tuned with us to know more details here.

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