Odisha’s DJ Found Dead At His Bhubaneswar Home

Odisha's DJ Found Dead At His Bhubaneswar Home

DJ Azex aka Akshay Kumar Death Reason: Odisha’s DJ Found Dead At His Bhubaneswar Home:- One of the prominent and well-known DJs in India, Akshay Kumar also known by his stage name, DJ Azex reportedly passed away at a young age. According to the sources, the DJ was found dead under mysterious circumstances in Bhubaneswar on Saturday, March 18, 2023. The reports say that he was found dead at his residence in Bhubaneswar. His sudden passing has shocked the entire trance music community and others who knew him personally. Last day, many rumors started to appear on the Internet regarding to his sudden passing but after a few searches, it was officially confirmed that the DJ has been found dead.

DJ Azex aka Akshay Kumar Death Reason Odisha's DJ Found Dead

Since the news of his death was confirmed on the Internet, his fans and friends are paying tribute to him and giving their deep sorrow to the family members who are going through a difficult time as they lost their beloved son. He was just not a DJ for the community but also a well-known artist, music creator, and friend as well. Through his amazing talent, he made everyone joy and had been a part of this community for a long time. Unfortunately, DJ Azex has gone from this world leaving his fans and friends shattered.

DJ Azex aka Akshay Kumar Death Reason

One of the Facebook users wrote,” Rest in Peace Akshay ! Well known as DJ AZEX .. Bhai Re kai eei bayaasa re suicide kalu ! Atleast maa bapa ka bisyare bhabithantu Akshay Kumar Djazex is no more with us ! His Senior Nandu was a Good frnd of mine (our classmate too), he died 5 years back now Akshay did suicide! I am shocked! Simply Shocked”.

His family members said that he was in his room when the city witnessed a thunderstorm and rain last night. There was a power cut during a thunderstorm yesterday and at that time, Azex was inside his room. When we went to call him at around 10 PM, we found his door closed. Later, we found his body hanging after we broke open the door. This sudden incident has shocked the entire community devastated including his friends, partners, and other people who knew him popularly.

Now, the investigation of this case has begun and the police are trying to know the cause behind the unfortunate step taken by Akshay. During his career, he gained massive respect and love from this fans across the city as well as outside. He will be always remembered by his loved ones. Stay tuned with us to know more details.

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