Patna Junction Railway Station *ornographic Video Goes Viral on Social Media

Patna Junction Railway Station

The recent incident caught the attention of the entire country after a p#rnographic video was played at Patna Railway Station at platform number 10. Since the incident took place in Bihar railways, many people started to share trending memes on social media and spread this news across the world. As per the recent details, p#rnstar Kendra Lust also left her reaction over this. He tweeted,” India #BiharRailwayStation”. She determined that her post was about what happened at Patna railway station. The tweet also caught the attention of Indian social media users and it grossed 3.5 lakh times.

Patna Junction Railway Station

As per the reports, the p#rnographic video played at the TV screen of Patna Railway Station when there were lots of people present at the platform. It immediately caught the attention of the people after which, they start recording the scene in their phones. The video suddenly went viral on social media and was watched by millions of people. Let us tell you that the video was running for almost 3 minutes. Now, 2 FIR has been lodged against this act. Hundreds of passengers including women and children were in shock to see the TV screen at a railway station.

Patna Junction Railway Station Video Viral

Along with this, two FIR has been lodged against Messrs M Dutta Studio Company Pvt Limited under the RPF Act and IT Act and the process has been initiated to blacklist the company. Some of the reports say that the duration of the clip was 3 minutes which run from 09:56 to 10 AM. It was stopped when many passengers complained to the officials about this. After the shameful incident, the operator fled the scene. If he fails to turn up before the RPF team, an arrest warrant will be released by the railway security forces against him. Prakash Kumar Panda, Danapur RPF Senior Commandant said that other persons of the agency were involved in such a mischievous act.

The incident took place on Sunday, March 19, 2023 when several people were waiting for their trains on platform number 10. The incident occurred when the Danapur DRM Prabhat Kumar was visiting the Patna Junction Railway Station for inspection. An RPF officer informed him about the clip displayed on the railway TV screens. DRM ordered an inquiry and asked the commercial officers concerned to terminate the agency’s contract with the railways. The name has not been identified in this matter as RPF is still investigating the case. Stay tuned with us to know more details.

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