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Muhammad Khan Bhatti, the principal secretary of Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi, the president of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and a former chief minister of Punjab, is allegedly shown in a new video discussing the names of the justices on the high court.

Umar Atta Bandyal, the Chief Judge of the Supreme Court, was not involved in any cases, according to Muhammad Khan Bhatti in the video.

He stated and asserted that Munib Akhtar and Ijaz ul Ahsan, two judges, were on his board.

The entire problem has been highlighted by Mazahir Naqvi Sahib. He asserted that Mazahir Naqvi Sahib’s background includes the fact that he has two sons who serve as his frontmen and are therefore involved in all wrongdoing and corruption from daylight till night.

He claimed that PTI was on board with Mazahir Ali Naqvi’s sons, who allegedly commit acts of corruption and vote in PTI’s favor.

Bhatti claimed that Mazahir Ali Naqvi’s sons accepted money transfers and postings, among other things, and that they earned a sizable sum of money.

Muhammad Khan Bhatti was asked by the individual seated in front of him how he was running the Lahore High Court.

As Muhammad Khan Bhatti said that he had also accepted responsibility, Ali Afzal Sahi intervened, he was referring to the Lahore High Court.

“Ali Afzal Sahi told the Chief Justice that I would handle everything. He said that I must set the bench and that I will ensure that no PTI-related decisions are taken. He added that he will consult the Chief Justice about this.

He asserted that LhC CJ was receiving advantages from PTI and that all of their work had been completed.

Bhatti asserted that LHC CJ had also procured paper projects worth $10 to $15 billion for their son-in-law.

What is this paper project, the individual in the video questioned? Muhammad Khan Bhatti responded by saying that just an eat-and-drink program remains once the first half of the work has been completed.

Justices Shahid Karim and Shahid Jameel, as well as Justice Farooq Haider, are parties to a personal relationship, according to Bhatti, who also claimed that there is a personal relationship in the Lahore High Court.

My child has been studying with his kids, and he and I have a history dating back to when he was a lawyer.

Full Viral video of Muhammad Khan Bhatti (Principal Secretary of Ex-CM Pervaiz Elahi)

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