Russian Woman Arrested Over Death of Pro-war Military Blogger

War in Ukraine

We have got shocking news from the land of Russia where a well-known military blogger and strong supporter of President Vladimir Putin got killed during an explosion in a cafe on Sunday. It is reported that the incident took place in St Petersburg cafe which is located on the bank of the Neva River in the historic heart of St. Petersberg. Russian Health Ministry has reported that around 30 people got injured including the killing of a famous pro-war blogger named Vladlen Tatarsky. Russian officials arrested a Russian woman on Monday and they have proof that she is connected with the blast. Reports show that woman who has been arrested is 26 years old and has confessed that she brought the figurine that exploded in the cafe killing the popular blogger.

War in Ukraine

Through the sources, we got to know that the accused named Darya Trepova was the organizer of this horrifying incident and admitted about delivering the bomb. The Russian blogger whose real name is Maxim Fomin was famed by the name and called himself Vladlen Tatarsky and was having over 500,000 followers on the Telegram messaging service. Tatarsky was a great cheerleader and promoter of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. So this mishap has triggered the prompts towards the Ukrainians’ involvement. Ttarsky’s murder is seeming a well-planned assassination on Russian soil after the first one that took last year in Moscow killing Darya Dugina, the daughter of a Nationalist ideologue.

War in Ukraine

This incident has blown up the war as Russians are blaming Ukranians as the organizers. On the other side, Ukraine did not take responsibility for this attack and pointed this as a deed of Domestic terrorism. Footage of the moment when the bomb exploded in the cafe shows the high intensity of the explosion. The blast was so intense that it shook the ground floor venue, bringing down the terrace. The speculations targeting Ukraine are because of Vladlen Tatrsky’s comments as” kill everyone” and “rob everyone” in Ukraine which he
spoke against Ukraine.

The accused has confessed that she took the figurine that looklike Tatarsky in the cafe, but she is unaware that it contained a bomb. CCTV footage has shown that she carried a packaged box into the cafe. Footage also revealed that Tatarsky was admiring the figurine as it was looking like him and was showing it off to the audience before he was killed. In the interior ministry video, Although Trepnova confessed that she presented the figurine to him still she is denying her involvement. Extensive research by Russian Officials is going on towards this blast. We are finding more info on this incident and will be back. stay tuned……..

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