Sarita Kharwal Accident Today Update: Bhajan Singer and Her Husband Injured

Sarita Kharwal Accident

There is a shocking piece of news is coming forward related to the accident of Sarita Kharwal and her husband was also injured in this incident. She is most popular as Rajasthani Folk Singer and is mostly known for her song ‘KEM RE KEM BANNI’. She carries a large number of fans around the world and on her social media accounts who are now making a buzz related to her accident. People are now hitting the search engine and her accident attracted the interest of many netizens to herself. Let us know what happened to her, how this accident occurred, and also talk about some more details related to this accident incident.

Sarita Kharwal Accident

As per the exclusive news and information, her car collided with a trailer and this incident took place on Wednesday 29 March 2023 at the Pachpadra bypass in the Balotra area. She was with her husband at the time of her accident and her husband was also severely injured in this car accident incident. There is a picture uploaded on social media that shows the trailer was brutally destroyed from the front side. After arriving at the Bhajan evening, she was returning from Zoyla towards Pachpadra, and on the other side, a speeding trailer was coming from the Pachpadra side. Scroll down to read more information related to her accident incident.

Sarita Kharwal Accident Update

This accident was very serious in which the front side is also damaged too badly and the couple was injured fatally. After this fatal accident, both of them get out of the car with the help of locals and were admitted to the government Nahata Hospital in Balotra by ambulance. Later they were referred to Jodhpur for further treatment and police also began an investigation related to this accident. There is an investigation is ongoing but not much information has been shared related to this car accident incident. We will update our article after getting more information related to this car accident incident.

She is most popular in Rajasthan and is known as Rajasthani Folk Singer around the world. She gained too much attention and popularity after releasing her song “Kem Re Kem Banni” which helped her to generate a large number of fans. She uploaded her songs on many social media platforms such as iTunes, Google Play,  Music, Hungama, Amazon Music, Spotify, and many others. She contains a large number of fans on social media platforms who are praying for their good health and supporting the couple’s family during this painful time period.

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