Trinidad-born American Citizen Gets 20 Years Prison For Joining The Islamic State In Syria


Normally it is a good thing to see a criminal jailed for two decades for heinous crimes, but jihadists are not mere criminals. They are Islamic fighters at war with dar al harb (the unconquered house of war). They do not belong on Western soil.

Trinidad became one of the chief recruitment centers for the Islamic State in the Western Hemisphere at the height of the Islamic State’s expansion in the Levant.

If he is like most jihadists, Emraan Ali will continue his jihad mission in jail. UK jails are particularly notable for this. They have been dubbed “jihadi training camps,” prompting the British government last year to segregate imprisoned jihadists. The same threat applies to any jail where jihadists are present and are allowed to interact freely with other inmates. Imprisoned jihadists engage in dawah, or Islamic proselytizing. “The U.S. prison system is also facing the problem – with Muslim groups acting like gangs, recruiting people and protecting their own, according to former Al Qaeda recruiter and convict Jesse Morton, who is now working at a think tank at George Washington University.”

Recently in New York City, Muslim cleric Abdullah el-Faisal was given 18 years in prison for encouraging violent jihad activity.  Abdullah el-Faisal believed “every word in a speech by Osama bin Laden was ‘like a gem,’ and thought images of the coffins of US service members were laughable.”

One can only imagine the threats to citizens of Western countries that will come from jihadists and their newly recruited followers once they are released into the public from jail. They could become hardcore jihadist armies.

To illustrate how dangerous Islamic State jihadists are, years ago, an Iraqi judge said some time ago that he was sentencing Islamic State jihadis from the UK to death in order to protect Britain.

“U.S. citizen gets 20 years for joining Islamic State group,” Associated Press, April 2, 2023:

MIAMI — A U.S. citizen who moved his family to Syria to join the Islamic State terrorist group has been sentenced to 20 years in federal prison.

Emraan Ali, 55, a U.S. citizen born in Trinidad and Tobago, was sentenced Tuesday in Miami federal court, according to court records. He pleaded guilty in November to conspiring to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization.

According to court records, Ali moved his family from Trinidad and Tobago to Brazil, and then to Turkey and eventually Syria in March 2015. He falsely told his children that they were going on vacation but actually intended to join IS, prosecutors said.

After arriving in Syria, IS registered Ali and his family, and Ali underwent IS religious and military training with other English speakers, officials said. The training included instruction on the operation of various automatic weapons such as the AK-47 assault rifle and PKC machine gun.

Ali was eventually discharged from combat duty and worked in residential construction for IS in the group’s then-de facto capital of Raqqa, investigators said. Ali also became a merchant and began buying and selling livestock, cars, weapons, weapons accessories and telephones to and from other IS members. Ali also provided money remitting services to other Trinidadian IS fighters in Syria and donated his own money to IS members to support the IS cause….

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