“Which Kind Editing Be This?” – Netizens Mock Actress, Destiny Etiko Over Airbrushed Photos

"Which Kind Editing Be This?" – Netizens Mock Actress, Destiny Etiko Over Airbrushed Photos

Popular Nollywood actress, Destiny Etiko, has caused a stir with new photos of herself that she shared online.

The beautiful Nollywood star recently took to her Instagram page to share photos of herself in a green track suit, but the majority of her fans and followers were left far from impressed.

The photos, which showed her with an exaggerated slim face and smooth skin, were met with criticism and ridicule from social media users who felt that the images were unrealistic.

Taking to the comments, netizens pointed out that she looked good in the outfit, but at first glance, one would mistake her for someone else due to overediting of the photos.

“why is nobody telling her the truth about this face app she’s abusing ? Baby girl the outfit is beautiful but please slow down on this your face app editing please ???? I know is none of my business oh”, one fan wrote.

Another added, “Una de abuse this face app and beauty plus ????the editing is too much Abeg ????make una de talk true ????…try ask person before you post mama ????”.

“Yea she’s pretty and she got a nice figure too but please a good should tell her the editing is too much please ???? I didn’t even recognize her until I saw the user name????????.” Another follower wrote.

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