Who Is Deepak Boxer? Most-Wanted Gangster Deepak Boxer Nabbed in Mexico

Who Is Deepak Boxer?

A recent achievement of Delhi police is in reports that a special cell team of Delhi Police has arrested one of Delhi’s most wanted gangster Deepak Phal ‘Boxer’ in Mexico. The successful operation was captured with the help of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). It is reported that many teams of Delhi Police were headed to Mexico for the search operation of this most wanted gangster. The gangster was absconding since August 2022 after taking responsibility for a builder’s murder. It has been in reports that ‘boxer’ had shot Amit Gupta- a Delhi-based builder.

Who Is Deepak Boxer?

Media sources have revealed that Deepak was the head of Gogi gang. Previously the gang’s head was Jitendra Mann who got killed on September 24, 2021. The incident took place in the Rohini Court complex. Jitendra Mann who was popular as ‘gogi’ was shot dead by two attackers in the complex. The attackers were killed in a police encounter in West Delhi. During the investigations, it has been found that Amit Gupta allegedly had links with the rival gang Tillu Tajpuria. Amit Gupta was 48 and was shot several times in the civil lines area in August 2022.

Who Is Deepak Boxer?

During investigations, it was also found out that Amit Gupta was killed by Ankit Gulia, a sharpshooter of the Gogi gang led by Deepak ‘Boxer’ After a few days Deepak ‘Boxer’ took the responsibility for the murder of the builder. ‘Boxer’ said that Amit was connected with Tillu gang. The whole incident was to take revenge as Boxer suspected that Amit has passed some information to the police. Deepak Boxer had a bounty of Rs 3 lakh and is a resident of Gannaur town in Haryana. He is involved in multiple murders, robbery cases, and extortion cases.

It has been found now that Deepak was having a fake passport and it was issued to him on 29th January. The fake passport was issued from Moradabad as per the reports. Boxer flew from India to Mexico in January as a misnomer Ravi Antil as per sources. The gangster will be brought to India in a couple of days as officials told. It is in the info that a press conference would be held after that. Delhi police have achieved this huge success in assisting to FBI. Police are now hopeful that other alleged cases against the accused would be ended now. Further info in context to this case will be providing you soon. stay tuned………

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