Who Was BTB Savage? BTB Savage Rapper Shot and Killed in Huston Explained!

BTB Savage

Lately, disastrous news and circulated all over the world media that a famous and popular person was killed in his house. Before his death, he gets robbed in his house. who is this person, and what happened to him? we will give you all answers to all questions which come to your mind. please scroll down the page and continue to read.

BTB Savage

The person we are talking about was a very famous successful and popular Rapper and musician BTB savage. BTB Savage was an actor, rapper, musician, and social media influencer. He was a celebrity face, public figure, and internet icon as well as a social media personality.BTB Savage expanded name was Brain Thompson which is his real name of him. He was born in Cleveland Ohio but after some time he shifted to Texas and did schooling theirs at Churchhill High School.

Who Was BTB Savage?

He started to gain an interest in music during his graduation and try to follow his dream but he had financial issues and proper resources which help him pursue his dream so he went to the Military for covered his all expenses but the compensation was not enough for him. After some time, He entered the music industry as Rapper, and his first Debut was with Marilyn Manson then he released another one which was Break the bank.

Then his death news went viral and leaves everyone in shock that how this happened. This was shocking news for everyone and the rapper also gave an interview three days ago after his death that he experienced robbery.BTB Savage gave an interview and during his interview, he talked about the robbery experience which was happened at his residence he told that the robber was trying to rob his chain on that day and his girlfriend also was there and he said her to shoot the robber but she missed the shot and instead of the robber bullate hit on his elbow.

After this incident, BTB lived in fear and anxiety even though the police told him that area was safe. He also posted the post on his social media page. In the post, he was standing in front of an apartment door, the door was damaged by the bullets and his viewers can see the mess on the floor and walls. Now all fans and his supporters are waiting for getting more information regarding this matter if we get any other updates related to his death and life we will give you please stay remain with this website.

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