Who Was Heklina? Legendary San Francisco Drag Queen Heklina Found Dead in London

Who Was Heklina?

The social media platforms are revealing the shocking and saddening news of the sudden demise of Renowned drag queen Heklina. Better famed as ‘ Heklina’ also known as actor Stefan Grygelko was found dead in London on Monday, April 3. Heklina was 54. The news of his demise was announced by his fellow drag queen and performing partner, Joshua Grannell who is also familiar as Peaches Christ. The news came at first on Facebook and Twitter posts by Peaches where he revealed that he got stunned when she went to fetch Heklina for the Mommie Queerest Show. In this show, Heklina was costarring him. She is very much devastated and heartbroken by witnessing Heklina’s passing that requested the fans not to contact her much till she comes out of this heart-aching happening.

Who Was Heklina?

To our viewers, it would be knowledgeable to know that a Drag queen is a performer who adopts a flamboyant feminine persona with glamorous looks for entertainment. In this article, we are going to share some interesting info concerning Heklina who passed away unexpectedly this Monday. Be with us with the whole article to know the story of some unique people.

Who Was Heklina?

American actor, and drag queen Heklina was an iconic actor and performer, and to be your surprise an entrepreneur too. Heklina have been born in the USA and was living in San Francisco. He has been a great actor and hosted many shows in San Francisco and California. He co-founded the longest-running drag event series ‘Trannyshack’ in San Francisco. This was a famous series that got much limelight. Heklina aka Stefan Grygelko also acted in various theatre productions and won the 2009 pride creativity award for his outstanding performance to the LGBT community. In his recent achievements, he appeared in Mommie Queerest, a drag skit alongside Peaches Christ who was the first to give this shattering news of his demise to the fans. This show was set to perform in London and Manchester. It is a very sad thing to share that he left for abode leaving in the middle, of his charming performances. The fans, loved ones, and close ones are trying to get out of this sudden grief and recalling a profound loss to the entertainment community.

It is more annoying for the loved ones that the cause of the death has not been released. They are paying tributes and giving their condolences to the family. The Soho Theatre where the production of ” Mommie Querrest” was being held is in a wave of shock. We are hopeful you find this article relevant as you got to know more about your world and the recent happenings. stay updated………

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