Who Was Justine Siegemund? 17th-Century Sielsian Physician Honoured By Google Doodle

Who Was Justine Siegemund

Justine Siegemund is now getting too much attention on the internet and many social media pages who was passed away on 10 November 1705. She was also known as Siegemundin and Justine Diettrich. She was a Silesian midwife and now attracting the internet of many users of social media and netizens to herself. There are many people on social media are want to know more information about themselves. Her news makes a buzz on the internet and continuously gains and receives many responses related to her death. Let us know some more information related to her, the cause of her death, and more information related to her in this article.

Who Was Justine Siegemund

As per the exclusive news and information, she was a revolutionary German midwife and she defined gender norms in the 17th century. She was honored today with a Google Doodle and this is the reason behind her getting popularity and attention on the internet and social media pages. She wrote a ground-breaking book named The Court Midwife and challenged societal attitudes and received the distinction of being the first woman to publish a significant medical text in German. Scroll down to read more information related to her in this article, so read continuously.

Who Was Justine Siegemund?

She was born on 26 December 1636 in Rohnsrock, Lower Silesia which is now known as Roztoka, Poland, Germany. She took her last breath on 10 November 1705 in Berlin, Kingdom of Prussia at the age of 68 years. She was most widespread for The Court Midwife in 1690 and is now marked with Google Doodle. Her father died when she was only 14 years old. She got married to Christian Siegmund and they lived happily their life for 42 years of marriage and support each other in their skilled careers. She was the daughter of Elias Diettrich who was a Luthern minister and there is no information about her children.

She is now gathering huge awareness and popularity on the internet and on different social media pages. She suffered from a prolapsed uterus at the age of 20 years which went misdiagnosed. She started her practice in 1659 and was asked to assist in a case of obstructed labor related to a misplaced fetal arm. Now google celebrates Siegemund with a doodle whose reach included the United States UK, Iceland, Switzerland, Greece, and Germany On 28 March 2023. Stay connected to socialteleast.com to read more articles on the latest and other exciting news topics.

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