Who Was Kaitlin Schaumberger? Waukegan Illinois Oakdale Elementary School Teacher Dies

How Did Kaitlin Schaumberger Die?

Many tributes caught the attention of several users on Facebook after a woman of Waukegan passed away unexpectedly. According to the sources, Kaitlin Schaumberger who was a resident of Waukegan, Illinois sadly passed away at a young age. It is such heartbreaking news for those who knew Kaitlin Schaumberger personally. She was the loving member of the family who gained attention and was loved all across the city. Unfortunately, she has gone from this world leaving her family and friends devastated. Keep reading this article. Let’s find out what was the reason behind her sudden passing and how did she die.

How Did Kaitlin Schaumberger Die?

Since the news of her passing was confirmed on social media, her followers and loved ones are paying tribute to her and paying their deep sorrow to the family members who are going through a difficult time. It is heartbreaking to hear this upsetting news. She was a resident of Waukegan and attended Deerfield High School, where she completed her schooling. According to the sources, Kaitlin Schaumberger took her last breath on Friday, March 10, 2023.

Who Was Kaitlin Schaumberger?

A Facebook post reads,” The world lost one of its brightest stars a few days ago. Kaitlin and I became close friends over the last few years, forming a tight little trio with Emily. Over time, many my friends became her friends and many of her friends became mine, and we shared a world together. It was easy to do this since she was the nicest person in the world and cracked up with everyone she talked to.

According to the sources, Kaitlin Schaumberger took her last breath on Friday, March 10, 2023, unexpectedly. The sources say that she died from apparent complications related to Covid and Pneumonia. She was hospitalized for several weeks before her passing due to these complications but the official cause has been not been disclosed yet by the medical officials.

She was a bright and talented student who attended Deerfield High School in Deerfield, Illinois. Being a popular student of the school, she was a member of the DHS Class of 2022 and also a participant in several activities including choir, theatre, and theater tech. She was a loving member of the family who always stood with her and gained huge respect and love during her entire life. Now, the funeral service will be held on Wednesday, March 15, 2023 at 10 AM at Randhill Cemetary. She will be always remembered by her family and friends.

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