Who Was Len Slater? Grimsby Boxing Legend Len Slater Passed Away at 91, Obituary

Who Was Len Slater?

Several tributes are pouring on social media after the news of legendary Grimsby boxing legend, Len Slater was confirmed on the Internet. Yes, the popular legendary boxing player sadly passed away at the age of 91. It is saddening to learn that Slater has gone from this world leaving his family and friends devastated. Len Slater, who lived on the Nunsthorpe estate all his life, ran a boxing gym down Abbey Road and trained a number of Grimsby boxers such as Steve Lewsam for almost 50 years before taking retirement. He always had a passion for the sport and started in the 1930s, but after a short career as a fighter, he turned himself into a trainer.

Who Was Len Slater?

Since the news of Len Slater’s passing was confirmed on the Internet, his family and friends are paying tribute to him and giving their deep sorrow to the family members who lost their beloved family member. According to the sources, Len Slater took his last breath on Thursday, March 16, 2023, at Diana Princess of Wales Hospital, following a battle with high cholesterol and several heart-related issues. Many people are searching about his sudden death and taking their social media handles to pay tributes to him.

Who Was Len Slater?

Godson David Melkevik reminds his time during his boxing training and shared some of the best memories. He said,” Len hadn’t been very well for a while so sadly we knew he didn’t have too long left. In the end, his body went into shutdown and his organs started to fail. I’d known Len all my life and one of my first memories of him was in his gym on Abbey Road”.

He continued,” Although it isn’t there anymore, it was a real old-school gym with classic changing rooms and boxing rings. He was always interested in boxing and, even in his later years, he kept his passion for it. He came alive every time he spoke about”.

He also added that he spent almost 50 years running the gym and also helped people develop and even though he wasn’t fighting he never lost his love for the sport. During his career, he was honored with life membership of the London Ex-Boxer’s Association by former British featherweight champion Sammy McCarthy. Being a great trainer, he was also a beloved family member. He earned huge respect and love from his students. He will be always remembered as a great trainer. Please keep remembering him in your thoughts and prayers.

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